11 things you need to know about Wolfe & Co. in Dural

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Hiding in plain sight on the main road of Dural is a restaurant that’s become something of a local (and visitor) favourite in these parts and in a short amount of time. Wolfe & Co. simply needs to be on everyone’s to-do list. End of.

Can you please tell me about this Wolfe & Co. that I want, nay NEED in my life you may ask?

1. It was launched by Che Vogler and Caroline Neil Ryan.

2. Che successfully worked at and managed a string of highly successful restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne including nel., The Melbourne Wine Room, Stokehouse, Pelican and Beluga.

3. The couple also launched seafood sensation Cod’s Gift (more on that in coming weeks).

4. Wolfe & Co was named after their son, Wolfe (they also now have a little girl, Minnie).

5. Caroline manages both venues and has previously worked in hospitality and festival and consumer public relations on projects for names such as the Australian Film Commission, World Youth Day, Splendour in the Grass, BAR100, Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation, Miss Universe Australia and Luna Media.

6. She grew up in Kenthurst, then moved into the eastern suburbs before moving back to the Hills to open Wolfe & Co.

7. They source fruit, vegetables and herbs from local growers.

8. The eatery décor is classic and charming. Inside, there is a tiled bar, mounted leather couches and an open kitchen (so slick and clean it almost looks staged).

9. Presumably to cater for its popularity, they have created an enclosed, sheltered dining space in the front of the café.

10. The tables at Wolfe & Co. are high-ish. Am I the only one that LOVES high tables? (More room and the food is closer to your face.)

11. Omigod, the food …..

Image: @wolfeandco

Reading through the menu took me eons because there was too much I wanted to try. At one stage I considered ordering a few dishes so I could throw caution to the wind and money at the problem to allow me to try a little of everything. But, eventually I realised what a nice dilemma I was facing and vowed right then and there that Wolfe & Co. were just going to have to get used to my face as I go back regularly to get better acquainted with the menu.

I narrowed my choice down to either fried cauliflower, smoked eggplant yoghurt, zaatar, harrisa oil and a bowl of buttermilk fried chicken OR from the specials menu crab cauliflower soup – cream of cauliflower, handpicked spanner crab, chilli, crustacean oil, and toasted sourdough OR the halloumi burger with grilled halloumi, eschalot, butter lettuce, cucumber, smoked eggplant yoghurt, sweet chilli & honey dressing, milk bun, fries.

Decision time: I went all in for the latter and I added bacon.


It was LITERALLY THE MOST DELICIOUS BURGER I HAVE EVER FREAKIN TASTED (while not hungover or drunk *obviously*) #bigcall

It was a Friday and as we at Hills District Food are wont to do during lunch on a Friday, I bypassed the coffee and went straight to a refreshing glass of Catalina Sounds pinot gris. But when I was eves-dropping (as we're also wont to do), I overheard the woman at the next table expressing extreme love for her espresso. A tea consumer myself, I couldn’t help be interested in the assortment of teas on the menu. In addition to the usual suspects of peppermint, green, English Breakfast etc, you can order a Burton Health Dandy Chai Tea, Burton Health Immunitea or Burton Health Teastress. Now, I haven’t the foggiest what any of these are but judging by the rest of the slightly quirky and wholly delicious other fare on offer at Wolfe and Co. I’m sure they’d be similarly scintillatingly satisfyingly and warming.

Image: @wolfeandco

The one thing that was missing

Very unusual for me; dining at Wolfe and Co., I found myself wishing my husband or my friends were with me. It was a solo mission for the sole purpose of reviewing, and normally I'm just as happy in my own company as I am with others but this eatery is really just a lovely experience. Too nice to experience alone. 100% worth sharing.

It's a great spot for a first date, business meeting, brunch with the fam bam, or a girls lunch.

Oh, and before I sign off, I’ll share one more thing. And that thing was four little lines encircling in my head on rotation the whole time I was there ….

In touch with the ground I'm on the hunt, I'm after you Scent and a sound, I'm lost and I'm found And I'm hungry like the wolf

Now, good luck getting that tune out of your head for the rest of the day!

And you are welcome 😊

Wolfe and Co. – 538/540 Old Northern Road, Dural

9651 4553

Instagram: @wolfeandco

Mon-Fri: 6am - 4pm

Sat: 7am - 3pm

Sun: 8am - 3pm

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