Two Brothers Mediterranean - Castle Hill

- Sarah

It's been an extremely busy month and so Friday night my husband and I decided to have a kid free night (well meal).

Two Brothers had been recommended to us and I really wanted to try somewhere different - so the decision was made.

According to the website:

“Two Brothers was founded by brothers, Louis & Savio El-khoury in 2017. The brothers have always been around hospitality being raised in a Lebanese family and studying in the fields of event, hospitality and hotel management. After running a small food truck together, they decided to move into the restaurant industry and offer the wider community a taste of the Lebanese culture with food and atmosphere.”

We booked early (even though it was a kid free night we had to pick our youngest up from a school disco because parenthood) and when we got there the place was pretty empty (it was 6.30 pm on a Friday night). Whenever I see a place empty I always get a little worried but it turned out my concerns were needless...

We ordered the Brothers Seafood Platter (Prawns, squid, fish fillet, calamari, fries & cocktail sauce) and Mashawee Meat (not only was it fun to say but the 3 char-grilled fresh lamb skewers served with garlic sauce and fries sounded pretty tasty).

We were waiting quite a while for our meals to come, and again I was starting to think that this was a bad idea, when we were given a free serving of Hummus and Baba Ghanoush (which tasted amazing) and the owner apologised for the delay.

When our meals arrived there was no disappointment whatsoever. The food was delicious - I would even go so far as to say that the seafood platter was one of the best that I have ever had. This is not to say that the lamb skewers weren’t great as they were pretty fantastic too. I was definitely not alone as my husband was saying the same thing and let me tell you he has had many a seafood platter in many a different pocket of the world.

Unfortunately, as we had to go pick up our little cherub (not sure this is the right description for her but I'll go with it) we didn’t have time for dessert or to watch the belly dancer who had arrived to provide some entertainment. On the bright side, this is a great excuse to back for more sometime soon.

Oh, and by the way, Two Brothers is that perfect blend of fully licensed and also allows BYO wine.