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Trevi Lakeside Restaurant

The decor is belllisimo

- by Nat

Area 51.

A 1994 hit single by Madonna.

The Freemasons Society.

Staged professional wrestling.

The political leanings of the ex-King Edward and Wallis Simpson.

These are all secrets – and fairly open secrets at that.

The thing about a secret though is once people get a whiff of them, they become less a guarded gem of information and more the subject of staring and open slather speculation (like a Kardashian, really).

Next in line for the Secret No More category? Take a step forward, Trevi Lakeside Restaurant.

You’re never going to stumble across Trevi. It’s tucked away behind shops and car parks and involves a series of twists and turns and covert pathways to find it.

But hey, when you do find it, let the scales fall from your eyes and a special dining encounter commence.

Trevi’s kind of a special occasion kind of affair. It’s classy and a little bit pricey but vibey and sassy.

This contemporary Italian spot overlooking the lake on the promenade in Norwest Business Park feels like a dinner party, but with more pizzazz and not a Cards Against Humanity deck in sight.

By the way, if you have a special event coming up, Trevi will impress the pants off your guests. They do functions of all sizes (groups of up to 130 guests) and have a number of designated zones that can be roped off.

The Food Mood

This place was nominated for a Chef's Hat in this year's Restaurant and Catering Association of NSW Awards, so you can be confident (and smug) that you most certainly are going to be eating good food. No matter what you order you’re likely to be eyeing off the plates of other patrons with jealousy, and they’ll be side-eying yours too.

Opt for a la carte or degustation. On week days you can pop in and select from the special lunch meal that comes with a glass of vino.

My husband and I went for a plate of freshly shucked Sydney Rock oysters to kick things off. We went au naturale but Kilpatrick and Mornay are also available.

We threw a couple down before I had a chance to take a pic

Also vying for your attention on the entree menu are delectables such as Tasmanian Sea Scallops wrapped with prosciutto, zucchini, tomato, corn salsa with ceviche dressing. Or, you might like the Katifa King Prawns, Zuccini Flowers or Pork roulade, apricot, pistachio, baby spinach, smoked confit shallot puree with red veined sorrel.

On this night my husband and I reversed roles. No, not in some not-safe-for-work type of sexy switcharoo but in the type of meals we ordered. I’m normally strictly a seafood type of girl and he’s normally safe as houses when it comes to red meat. But at Trevi? Well, I don’t know if it was a full moon or Mercury was in retrograde (whatever that means) but we just went WILD and ordered against type.

He ordered Butterflied Jumbo King Prawns, Mediterranean Panzanella salad, crispy potatoes and ponzu dressing.

Thumbs up for generous portions and thumbs up for this meal.

I departed the grid of my usual fish cravings when I summoned inner strength and by-passed the Crispy Skin West Australian Barramundi Fillet with blue swimmer crab wombok parcel, tempura king prawns and zucchini with chilli lime dressing …. (!!) in favour of duck.

Delizioso and perfecto.

Mine was a twice cooked tea smoked duck with prosciutto, capsicum rosti, broccolini and tamarind plum sauce. It was juicy and hearty and warming on what was quite a cold, rainy Saturday evening.

Though I’m not much of a dessert person, it was my birthday (the only thing I wanted in the way of a present was dinner at Trevi), so I was talked into splurging on a bite from the sweet section of the menu. We shared the Belgian Chocolate, Hazelnut Lava Pudding with popcorn gelato and rose fairy floss.

If this doesn't make your mouth water, then you my friend cannot be human.

You know that thing when you share a dessert and it takes everything in you to politely take turns when you really just want to take your spoon, smash theirs away and start gutsing into that bad boy and wondering whatever possessed you to go shareseys?

Yup. Say no more.

Oh, and the other sensational bonus about eating out at Trevi, is while you’re there, you can start planning your next lakeside food affair. The place is wall to wall with restaurants tripping over themselves to out-do one another and tempting hungry Hills people.

Trevi Lakeside Restaurant

Shop 5, Building 8 Century Circuit

Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista

Tel: 8850 0111

Mon-Fri - 12noon to 3pm

Mon-Sat - 6pm till late

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