The Corner Shop, Quakers Hill

The Corner Shop Cafe
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The Corner Shop Café is a sweet suburban business dedicated to serving great coffee and food to the people of Western Sydney.

It’s also a little touch of The Hamptons in Quaker’s Hill.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve never been to The Hamptons and don’t really know anything about The Hamptons except it is s**t-hot right now in renovating and decorating, and from that little bit that I learned watching that episode of Sex and the City when the girls rented a house in the Hamptons and they ended up at a hoedown where Carrie came face to face with Mr Big and his new fiancée, Natasha. That was a good episode.

This is considered traditional hoedown attire, right?

Oh, and there was that episode when Samantha threw a party at Richard's Hamptons house ...

Rockmelon, anyone?

Yeah, that was a great ep, too. Good times.

So, anyhoo. The Hamptons. Ignoring my admittedly lack of any real knowledge about said Hampton's style, the décor at The Corner Shop Café is decidedly coastal and casual despite being some 40-odd kilometres from a beach and approximately 16,150 kilometres from The Hamptons, USA (yes, I looked it up). It features ocean inspired colours, neutrals and timber floors … and, that’s all I got. But, it’s oh so pretty and I would go as far as to call it calming.

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Calming, despite having a non-stop parade of people coming in and going out. Mainly coffee-guzzlers but many taking-away food as well. I’ve been to the Corner Shop Café twice now – once on a sizzling hot Friday afternoon (for a little business meeting) and another on a freezing cold Monday morning. Both times, the line-up for coffee was relentless but fast-moving.

The spaciousness of this café means that mums with prams can sit for a spell without feeling self-conscious that their prams are taking up too much space. There’s also enough room for kids to stay for a while without feeling hemmed in. And again, enough space that patrons sans kids aren’t distracted by those little humans that are on the premises.

Work-of-art French Toast (Image: @thecornershopcafe)

The breakfast menu is your basic café fare (Breakie Burger, Smashed Avo, and French Toast that can only be described as a work of art). They also serve morning treats with a few little twists and turns such as the Tummy Filler with quinoa, mixed seeds, sweet potato, black beans, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, kale, poached eggs and hummus.

Lunch is very burger and fries skewed, but the different burger options (cheeseburger, chicken, schroomy, spicy chicken) show a dedication to the cause. They also rustle up schnitzel, steak and salad (all the usual S’s).

Oh, and one more S. Smiles. It’s all served with a smile at the counter of a corner shop.

The Corner Shop Café. It’s lovely, it’s quaint, it’s Hamptons-meets-QuakersHilltastic.

The Corner Shop Cafe – 1/216 Farnham Rd, Quakers Hill NSW 2763

(02) 9837 1978

Mon-Fri: 7am - 2pm Sat-Sun: 8am - 2pm

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