The Bakehouse, North Kellyville

Image: The Bakehouse

The poster in Kellyville Square announced that its first year milestone is coming up in July and judging by the house building palooza going on around it, the place is about to get year-on-year busy as heck.

Within said square sits The Bakehouse, a recent Sydney Hills Local Business Award winner; fitted out in what I would term contemporary rustic farmhouse chic.

As a time management freak, I arrived pleased as hell with myself that I managed to carve out some time to hit The Bakehouse before the lunchtime rush. But not so fast … ‘Who’s a smartie, now?’ I thought as I rocked up just on 11am on a Thursday for Pete’s sake to find the place filled with the lunch buying public.

All people types were there already; eagerly awaiting their turn to be served at the bustling, best little bakehouse in Kellyville – everyone from tradies to trust fund babies. (OK, there was no clear evidence of trust fund babies, but sometimes you never know who’s wearing a Tag Heuer in place of a Fit Bit unless you physically roll up their sleeve and check for yourself. But, the point is regardless of who was there, the word on this relatively fledgling eatery was out and multitudes were there to attest to its scrumminess).

But, I digress.

The Bakehouse menu consists of fresh rolls, meat pies and s-rolls, custom cakes, bakery goods, pasta, burgers, risotto, soups, salads and a partridge in a pear tree. And do make note: their specialty is their artisan bread. Aaarteeeezhan. I love that word. Just using it makes me feel altogether more cool and woke. (If I only knew what artisan and woke meant).

Oh, and they also have an All Day Breakfast menu (is there anything better?) and a menu for Little Tummies (so much cuter than a Kids Menu).

As for me, while both the Ricotta Hotcake and the Salted Caramel Shake House caught my eye, I opted for a decidedly more sensible, grown up luncheon choice of a turkey and cranberry roll (an artisanal roll, obvs) offset by a coffee. They serve Campos coffee, which as far as I’m concerned is the best coffee around – even for a born-again tea tragic, like me. But, let’s not get bogged down with such matters because me bleating on about the best coffee is SOOO SYDNEY 2014, don’t you think?

Turkey, cranberry and other delish ingredients artisanally rolled

So, because the place was so packed to the farmhouse rafters, get this:

I had to eat outside. IN WINTER. *dramatic pause* and eating outside in Winter is not something I would ever normally consider. But, I wanted to enjoy the experience and the long tree-ey tables outside were so inviting and they were complemented with toastie heat lamps, making the whole al fresco vibe downright pleasant.

Anyway, you know that you-know-what roll? I inhaled it. Greedily gobbling it down really wasn’t the plan as I’d hoped to soak up some of that infectious Bakehouse goodness that I’ve recently admired so much on Instagram. However, because I wanted to take my time and in the name of research, I decided to take one for the team and make my lunch a two-course experience.

Now, if someone was to try to coerce me into dishing any dirt on The Bakehouse by repeatedly rubbing a balloon (make it stop!) I would admit that I didn’t love the bit where even though there was table service for serving of coffee, all purchases had to be made and paid for at the counter beforehand. That meant even though I was deeply ensconced in the lunchtime experience, I had to get up and go inside to order a second coffee. That said, it’s a small price to pay and a lovely lady sitting near me, offered to mind my spot while I went to order (again). This also worked out well because it gave me the opportunity to peruse the sugary delights on display … which lead to me taking the momentous step of losing my cronut virginity. (Yeah, I know I’m about two years late to the cronut party).

The majority of the population probably doesn’t need me to expound on the concept of The Cronut, but for cronut amateurs such as me – it is officially described as a pastry resembling a doughnut that is made from croissant-like dough which is filled with flavoured cream (or custard). For this rite of passage, I went for the Tim Tam cronut, and all I can say is: sweet Lady Ga Ga - that thing is a DESSERT! Decadent and sweet and impossible to eat with any finesse.

Let’s just say this won’t be making it on to Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT menu plan any time soon.

But wait, there’s more!

You think that would be enough to draw the Bakehouse foray to a close, but no. Yes, dear reader, I went back for more.

But lest you think I went all bakery degustation on you, this time I went back for the family.

You see, not only does The Bakehouse serve artisan breads, homemade cakes, and pies, they also sell BIY (bake it yourself, geddit?) meat pies.

So, before leaving, I loaded up with a pepper steak pie and a signature meat pie – family size – intended for the perfect winter family meal. (After all, it’s that time of year when driving your kids to and from various training and after school commitments relegates dinnertime to either 4pm or 9.30pm. Unless that is of course you chuck one of these bad boys in the oven and out on to the table in between chauffeuring duty intervals).

- Nat -

A damn fine meal accompanied by sweet potato and peas, I can report.

The Bakehouse

12/14 Withers Rd, Kellyville NSW 2155

Ph: (02) 8882 9332

Monday – Friday: 6am – 6pm

Saturday – Sunday: 6am – 5pm

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