The Rusty Flute, Bella Vista

The Rusty Flute Cafe Bella Vista
Homemade chilli paste (@therustyflutecafe)

- by Nat

Naturally, you can go right ahead and add The Rusty Flute to your ever-growing list of local cafés worth a gander.

Before we get into anything else, let's talk spaciousness. You’ve got to commend a café that doesn’t take its seating arrangement inspiration from aircraft economy by jamming seats into every square inch. It's refreshing not to feel on top of other patrons, not to mention if you've got a pram it's also pleasant avoiding the trauma of navigating a much needed cafe break like you are navigating a mine field and channelling the ever-traumatised Audrey character in ABC’s The Letdown.

I’ve been to the Rusty Flute a couple of times now. The first was a little business brunch meeting and the second time coincided with an acute bout of I Can’t Be Bothered Making Myself Lunch.

The peeps at TRF are helpful levels 100+. Casual and chatty and accommodating. On my second visit I arrived at the super awkward time of 11.15am (lunch doesn’t start until 11.30) and before I had a chance to broach the subject, one of the Rusty Flautists assured me that they would take my order whenever I was ready and bring it out at 11.31 (see? Rule abiding but hospitable).

Order up

While we’re on the subject of ordering, the arrangement is order-at-the-counter, but they give you the option of paying at the end, which I love because sometimes you want to grab a tea while you peruse the menu, order, then graze and potentially order some more.

Another order-related titbit: If you’re hoping to grab a caffeine fix (Toby’s Estate) but don’t feel like waiting around like a shag on a rock during busy times, you can pre-order and pay online.

Feast your eyes

On my most recent sojourn to The Rusty Flute, I had went for the Haloumi and Roast Maple Pumpkin salad with grains, baby winter greens, tomato, pomegranate, black sesame seeds, almonds, mint and maple balsamic dressing. Filling and delish.

Other lunch highlights include: Grilled Lemon Chilli Chicken Burger, Lamb Ragu and San Pelligrino Crisp Battered Fish and Chips.

Breakfast winners: Italian Tomato Passatta and Haloumi Stack, Sonoma Honey Spiced Granola, a heavenly spread of waffles, Mezze plate, Maple Pumpkin Bruscetta and poached eggs ... as well as their own special stamp on all the usual cafe breakfast items.

You can also choose from their Breakfast and Lunch specials, which you can view from the Dead Sea-type scroll hanging off the wall (such a mood right now).

Also on display and for sale (obvs) are a mouth-watering (and I have to note, a healthy-looking) array of wraps, selected baked goods and you know those protein balls that keep popping up everywhere.

(Images @therustyflutecafe)

In other great news for Flute lovers, these guys also do catering - starting from as little as $5.50 per person.

Drinks are kind of their thing

It would be remiss of me to mention that things can get a little cray-cray in the beverage department at The Rusty Flute. Case in point: Turmeric Lattes, Chemex style brewed coffee, Iced Lattes, Iced T2 teas as well as cold pressed juices, smoothies, bats**t elaborate frappes and those Nutella Donut Shake things that your kids will never stop asking you for if they ever catch a glimpse of one. Although admittedly I didn’t check, I’d be willing to bet one of my kids that they also sell kambucha.

(Images: @therustyflutecafe)

This place definitely fills up mid-morning and at lunch time, and with its up-vibe and spacious tables I’ve earmarked The Rusty Flute as a great destination for working remotely (if, like me, you're one of those w**kers who takes their laptop to cafes).

Oh, and one final thing. This is how you do waffles everyone.

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(Image: @therustyflutecafe)

The Rusty Flute Café a6/24-32 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153

Mon - Fri 6am - 4pm Sat 7am - 2pm Sun closed

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