The Local Shed, Rouse Hill

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Picture this. It's a sunny winter's day and I’m in my car driving to a café I’ve never heard of on a street I never knew existed (I’m having a particularly good hair day if that helps). I’m diligently following Siri’s instructions because she rarely lets me down (except this week going to the Blacktown International Sports Park but that’s a story for another day).

Anyways. So, I’m driving on this random, new estate type of street when Siri comes right out and announces, “arrived.”

I stop the car and look around. “Where?” I ask my digital directions-giving diva. Siri doesn’t answer. Typical.

This is really a long-winded way of telling you that The Local Shed is a straight up hidden gem. But for real hidden. Bona fide hard to find. I had to park my car and walk … well, it must have been 20 whole metres until I realised which building it was.

But stay with me, folks. This place is amazeballs. Especially if you like a restaurant/café/bar set in a historic 17th century house with beautiful, spacious, parky surrounds (which I do).

Right off the bat I will tell you, it is beautiful. We’re not renowned around here for talking smack about anyone on this site but I’m not just trying to find the positives. I mean would you take a look at this…

I know!

Here’s the skinny:

Housed within Rouse Hill's iconic Mungerie House, The Local Shed sets the scene for a relaxed casual dining experience. Whether you are meeting up with friends for a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or ending your week sharing a plate of Tapas after work, this historic location is the perfect setting for your next gathering.

Sarah and I met there for a working lunch. It was a Hills District Food planning meeting so we got ourselves a pot of chai tea and a bowl of acai berries. Kidding! No, we ordered two pinot gris’ straight up. (Although I did note the wait staff were pushing the coffee hard and didn’t seem to have any resistance from any of the other, non-working lunch patrons).

Dog-lovers take note: It’s important to mention that with all the wide, wonderful space, this is a very dog-friendly, dog-welcoming destination so all you canine freaks (you know who you are) can get yourself and Fido down there pronto. In fact, when we were there I seem to recall a working lunch meeting of guide dogs and their owners (I don’t think they ordered wine though).

As for the food, I ordered the salt and pepper squid. Suuuper suuuper light batter. It tasted fresh and the spices were punchy and zingy but not overwhelming.

Sares ordered herself a house special Local Shed Burger, I mean, because someone had to. Described as such: "Stacked with bacon and cheese, lettuce leaves, tomato, caramelised onion, aioli and homemade ketchup served on a bun."

A diligent researcher, I quizzed her at length about her impression:

Sarah's impression of the Local Shed Burger
There you have it

I can only speak for myself, but before I commenced eating, I promised myself I WOULD be practising self-restraint and WOULDN’T be finishing all those chips on my plate. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion as to the end result.

Overall, my impression would be that the menu collective at The Local Shed is an almost predictable, but very satisfactory selection and that they make it their business to do it well and welcome feedback.

Other lunch menu items that caught my eye:

Lamb Shish Wrap $22

Tender lamb pieces with mixed leaf, tomato, pickled turnips and hummus on grilled pita (I was very close to ordering that bad boy).

Pear and Halloumi Salad $20

Caramelised pear, grilled Halloumi, roasted almonds, rocket and pomegranate olive oil (We both had a brief drool over this one).

Any time, any occasion Now, obviously cafés often have both a Breakfast menu and a Lunch menu but these guys also have a dinner menu, a dessert menu and - if you haven’t quite had enough - a tapas menu.

Best of all (and quite simply great great news) ... not only is The Local Shed the type of place you can go to at any time of day with any kind of food or drink cravings or requirements, but THEY DO FUNCTIONS!

Let me let that sink in while you go back and check out those pix above and imagine your next event at The Local Shed …

Oh, and guess what?

They don’t charge extra for functions – just the food and drink consumed.

Seriously, on hearing this news from the very hospitable, Jeff at The Local Shed, I immediately began wracking my brain trying to think of an event I could hold there imminently. You could definitely impress your guests with an engagement party there, any important birthday (aren’t they all) … it would even totally hold its own as a beautiful wedding venue (not exaggerating) … if only I hadn’t just got married last year. Damn.

(We'd love to see your pix if you've had an event at The Local Shed - either send them to us or post them onto our Facebook page!)

The Local Shed – 16 Bellcast Road, Rouse Hill

8824 4999

Mon: closed

Tues-Thurs: 7am - 4pm

Fri-Sat: 7am - 10pm

Sun: 7am-4pm

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