The Flywheel Bar, BELLA VISTA

The Flywheel Bar, Bella Vista
Image: @flywheelbar

The Flywheel Bar is for every person in the Hills – regardless of 18+ age – that appreciates a quality drink in quality surrounds.

More to the point, it’s for everyone on-board with the charm of a handsome small bar but CBF travelling to Surry Hills every time they want to go to one.

And, if I may be as so bold to champion a cause; if the above paragraph describes you, I urge you to get to The Flywheel Bar on a regular basis to support such a superb local outfit.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s why The Flywheel Bar is pretty fly for a white guy (literally).

The Flywheel Bar: a summary

Wine, whiskey and craft beer

Image: @flywheelbar

Make no mistake, these beverages are the wheel house of The Flywheel Bar. Sure, it’s one thing to visit a a bar stocked up the wazoo with alcoholic beverages; it’s another to frequent a fine establishment hosted by people who know what they’re doing.

On my first visit to The Flywheel Bar I was with a friend and it’s fair to say that we both know our way around a drinks menu, yet were introduced to some delectable wine choices that neither of us would have thought to try. Which brings me to …

Ryan Pierce

Despite the fact that he’d just finished hosting a cracking whiskey tasting afternoon to a full house, the fly guy at the Flywheel Bar could not have been more hospitable. We had just missed the whiskey event because #timing but like a charming drink lord, Ryan availed himself to us from the moment we walked in – asking about our tastes, making recommendations and making us feel welcome in his joint to the point where we asked him to join us. We learned that despite looking the age of a zygote, he is a seasoned professional, well versed in the drink game and has had quite the industry education. Ask him about it if you get the chance.

Décor goals

As a small bar, it will surprise few to learn that The Flywheel Bar is a little space (thank you Captain Obvious). Small but perfectly formed thanks in no small part to Optima Projects, a Hills District based interior fit out company that specialises in office, retail, hospitality, medical and residential interiors (ably helped by a builder by the name of Robert Terraciano who helped put all of this exquisite wood panelling together).

I mean, check it.

Image: Optima Projects

As I was saying

Nestled into an emerging hospitality hot spot in Bella Vista, you could really make a Friday or Saturday night of it down in Flywheel Bar town.

And, getting back to my original point ... if this sort of caper cuts your mustard, raises your eyebrow or brings out a chin scratching emoji for you, get in there, give The Flywheel Bar a spin and if you likey; support it. These enchanting neighbourhood establishments can’t survive without our patronage and taking the M2 every time you want to go somewhere like it gets tedious.

More importantly, put ‘drinks @ The Flywheel Bar’ into your palm pilot and you (and your mates) will thank yourself later for taking the night top shelf.

The Flywheel Bar – 24-32 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista

0409 395 733

Wednesday: 3 - 10pm

Thursday: midday - 10pm

Friday: 4pm – midnight

Saturday: 4 – 7pm

Sunday: 1 – 6pm

Monday, Tuesday: closed

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