The best pizza in Sydney’s Hills District

Pizza in the Hills District. Yum!

The pizza scene in Sydney’s Hills District can be best described as a lituation. (My daughter reliably informs me that this means a ‘lit situation’ and I’m pretty sure that means it’s totally awesome).

Family run businesses, local legends, neighbourhood dining, international influences and pizza by a pond. The Hills has it all.

Maximum lituation.

Oh, and if you think we’ve made a clanger and left an absolute doozy off the list, by all means let us know and we will hop on over to taste their wares and post about them tout suite.

You see, this list was compiled by putting a call out to our subscribers to vote on their fave Hills pizza joint.

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In the meantime, let us bow down to the pizza deities of the Hills who have saved our bacon so many times with their convenience, diverse flavours, alcohol-soaking carbie goodness and ability to feed even the most annoying picky selective eaters.

George's Gourmet Pizzeria

(Image: George's Gourmet Pizzeria)

George's Gourmet Pizzeria has been a family favourite in the Hills District for more than three decades.

That’s right – since back in 1986, George and his wife Kelly, have been using fresh ingredients to create pizza combinations all the locals love.

Why is George's so good? It's simple really, George and Kelly love what they do. George hand picks the fresh ingredients that are used in his kitchen and his wife Kelly lovingly prepares them as though she is cooking for her family. The meals are divine, the sauces are home-made, the generous toppings are fresh.

This Bella Vista restaurant is a light filled, modern eating space that adds to the fun and friendly atmosphere. You can eat-in, take-away, or opt for a banquet for big gatherings where – in addition to the gourmet pizza pies - you can choose from pastas dripping with decadent sauces, and/or munch on salads, breads and other entrees AND a great selection of disgustingly delicious desserts (including gelato!) and someone get this couple their crowns.

15/1 Circa Boulevarde, Bella Vista

9836 2711

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Glenorie Pizzeria

(Image: Glenorie Pizzeria)

If there’s one food hot spot in Glenorie you can salivate over, it’s Glenorie Pizzeria.

Why? Well, aside from the fresh, local, produce they use that I could just inhale, the pizzas offer an around-the-world selection of cuisine style toppings – no matter whether you’re stickler for tradition, or you’re wont to explore new menu items. Glenorie Pizzeria’s got your back. It’s eclectic and rustic in equal measures.

Furthermore, you can go hard for other fodder too. Salads, pasta, ribs, wedges, and bruschetta that will answer your every tomato-onion-basil themed prayer.

Just tell me … how do they pull this off AND yummy desserts that resemble works of art? How do they find the time to make fresh dough every day? And serve up penny pinching lunch time specials? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Shop 1/940 Old Northern Rd Glenorie

9652 1753

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Pizza on Lomond, Winston Hills

(Image: Pizza on Lomond)

Although this pizza place has changed hands since it first started, it is still fantastic. You can pick up, order delivery, or if you’re quick and/or organised, you can dine-in (the inside seating area is only small).

One of the best things about Pizza on Lomond has always been the staff. Everyone is super friendly and always very welcoming.

And then there is the food. For example, the Lomond Wedges (wedges, bacon and melted cheese with sour cream and sweet chilli) are truly a thing of culinary beauty. So too, the Monza Pizza (BBQ sauce base, marinated chicken breast, bacon, avocado, broccoli and Spanish onions). Meals are huge, desserts are showstoppers, the vibe is hearty and welcoming.

This is how you do neighbourhood, family restaurants, everyone. Small but perfectly formed.

Read more about Pizza on Lomond.

Shop 1, 7 Lomond Crescent, Winston Hills

02 9686 7711

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HILLZ Pizza Bar, Seven Hills

HILLZ Pizza Bar

When you’re in Italy and you think pizza, you think paired back subtlety. When you’re in New York and you think pizza, you think a slice of “pizza pie” packed with an abundance of toppings that you fold in half, jam into your gob and eat in about 30 seconds as you head down Bleecker Street.

When you’re in the Hills District and you think pizza, you think Murdocca. Daniel Murdocca.

Daniel is a bit of a local legend when it comes to this type of cuisine. It was he, in fact, who founded Pizza on Lomond before selling it.

But the thing is, when it comes to the business of making dough into our Friday night meal of choice, he absolutely nails it. It’s 3000% in his blood.

And HILLZ Pizza Bar continues his legacy. “We’ve kept the menu pretty short and simple. We’ve modernised the ingredients – so more your pulled porks, your lambs and some fairly ‘out there’ options. But really, the menu is there to help anyone who needs an idea or can’t decide – we’ll make whatever anyone wants,” he says.

Read more about HILLZ Pizza Bar

Shop 5 35 Monaro St, Seven Hills

9624 2713

Joey’s Pizza, Norwest

Every time I pass Joey’s, the same thought goes through my head, “Perfect for mid-week, can’t be bothered cooking dinner.” Despite its location on a busy corner of the Norwest Marketown shopping centre, it’s got a nice vibe and is an ideal spot to sit and debrief the day with loved ones.

Now, strap in because the mission of Joey’s Pizza is to “make every meal an adventure”. Naturally this means you’re in for a) the usual fare of traditional pizza recipe like Supreme, Aussie, and Meat Lovers, as well as b) some absolute hellfire Gourmet pizzas that were clearly concocted by a mad genius intent on rocking the pizza-loving world.

Think Spicy Sicilian, Roman, and South American influenced offerings that each pack a one-of-a-kind flavoured punch.

And if that wasn’t enough, for something special, check out Joey living his best dough throwing life.

Stick a fork in me cos I’m done.

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Shop 22 Norwest Marketown, 4 Century Circuit, Bella Vista

9659 2555

Enzo’s Cucina, Northmead

Enzo's Cucina, Northmead

Do you know what the number one ingredient in Enzo’s Cucina pizzas?

Love. It’s love.

To quote the restaurant’s website, “our mission at Enzo’s Cucina is to provide an affordable, friendly and authentic Italian dining environment where the food is traditional, made with love and served in a caring yet professional manner”.

Hmmmm. I don’t know about you, but it sounds okey doke with me.

Some of their most delicious morsels include their Garlic Prawn Pizza. How’s that sound? What about the Polpette Pizza that brings its own homemade meatballs, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and oregano. The Davide Pizza is made up of marinated chicken, tomato, mozzarella, shallots, caramelised onion, topped with peri peri sauce.


If you’re someone that can totally back up after a pizza (or you’re one of those freaks that eats in moderation), you might be up for dessert afterwards. In which case, can I tempt you with a homemade baked ricotta Italian cheesecake served with vanilla gelato? If you’ve really got your audacious boots on, you might even go the Ricotta Fritti. It’s got crumbed ricotta crocchettes served with a gorgonzola cream dipping sauce.

Happy dayz.

Oh, and they serve tonnes of other southern Italian fare (the menu is pretty epic). You can dine on in, take-away or even get them to cater for you.

1, 2-6 Campbell Street, Northmead

9683 4022