Take 5 with … Sarah Johnstone

Sarah Johnstone

Each Friday from here on in folks, we're going to be discovering the people behind the Hills … or the people in them ... on them. ?? Anyway and more to the point, we’re on a mission to discover the places you like to go and what floats your boat in terms of dining out and a rockin' good time.

This week, we’re jumping off the blocks with Sarah Johnstone, Hills District Food co-founder.

As for next week’s Take 5 with …? Well, you tell us!

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Co-founder of Hills District Food and most likely to win best and fairest at a girls’ weekend away. You can also find out about Sa here.

1. Where is your favourite place to eat in the Hills District?

I love Billy The Greek. Every time I’ve been there, I have had a fantastic meal and love the atmosphere.

2. What is your beverage of choice?

Wine - and pretty much any type!

3. If you could have dinner with any 5 people (alive or dead), who would they be?

Glenn Robbins (Russell Coight). I have always loved his humour and think he would be so much fun.

Richard Branson. He just seems to love life.

Michelle Obama. (But if I could select them as a couple, I'd have Barack and his wife).

Deborah Lee Furness. I love that she is trying to make a difference to kids’ lives. (Also, if Hugh could come that would be an added bonus).

Michael Hutchence. He would have great stories, and just for the chance to ask: if he could, would he change his life so it didn’t end so early?

4. If money, destination and logistics were no object, what would be your best night out experience?

Dinner in Santorini, overlooking the ocean and watching the sunset with my husband.

5. What music always puts you in the party mood?

80s music - I’m old school.

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