Take 5 with … Melissa Spinks

Meet Mel!

Hills District Foodies are people of impeccable taste and frankly, the more of them we know the better. This week, we're taking 5 with ...


Mel has spent many years as a Hills resident and many of you would recognise her as the owner of the very popular Hills Grooming in Baulkham Hills. Like that other lovely lady with hair of gold, Mel is also bringing up three very lovely girls. She lives with them and her partner, Sam.

1. Where is your favourite place to eat in the Hills District?

Without a doubt Wild Pear Cafe in Dural. It’s nestled amongst a nursery which gives it a relaxed atmosphere. The food is always delicious - I recommend the Barramundi.

2. What is your beverage of choice?

Anything alcoholic! However, can’t turn down a champagne.

3. If you could have dinner with any 5 people (alive or dead), who would they be?

1. My bestie, Michelle Inskip. Always look forward to catching up with this girl. Especially over a chicken Parmigiana and wine!

2. Sam Haynes (my partner) this man knows how to pick an amazing restaurant.

3. Keith Urban, preferably somewhere romantic.

Keith Urban
He looks up for romance, Mel

4. My Nanny, she’s someone I miss dearly.

5. Bradley Cooper - who wouldn’t, right?

Bradley Cooper
I'm sorry ... what was the question again ...?

4. If money, destination and logistics were no object, what would be your best night out experience?

Skylodge Adventure Suites - located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru. This is my dream. I love an adventure.

Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru
Skylodge Adventure Suite - not your run of the mill Airbnb

5. What music always puts you in the party mood?

Anything from the 80s and 90s puts me in the mood for a dance.

Thanks Mel!

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