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Glenorie Bakery
A warm welcome

Is there a weak spot in the Glenorie Bakery offering?

Let me save you some time; no there isn’t.

I’d spent a stressed-out morning ahead of a jam-packed day, going Mach 2 with my hair on fire because we are reaching that feral part of the year when there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. (Am I right, mothers?)

And then, I got to Glenorie Bakery and it all just …. went away.

This place is an experience

There’s a lot going on there; everywhere you look there is something odd or interesting to take in.

Glenorie Bakery gives you the warm and fuzzies. It’s got so much love to give – from the charming, rustic interior to the pull-up-a-pew and make yourself at home outdoor eating areas. In fact, they have two al fresco dining options. One is in the centre’s courtyard, and the other is what can only be described as a beer garden. For coffee. And beer and wine. Because Glenorie Bakery also has a bar.

Let me allow that to sink in.

There's a bar. In the bakery.

A bakery with a bar. Now, judging by what I already know about the Hills District Foodie community, coffee and alcohol are staple diet items, so this detail is likely to be as nirvana-eque to you as it is to me.

My first visit to Glenorie Bakery took place at 10am on a Wednesday, so I opted for a coffee and a pain au chocolat instead of a Crownie and a steak sandwich.

Pain au chocolat
Yes, this thing was as gigantic as it looks.

And there I sat, taking in the ruralness of Glenorie.

I mean, how lucky are we to live a stone’s throw from one of the world’s great metropolises yet able to stop for a coffee and a pie in the grounds of a village bakery? The place attracts everyone from city workers on their way through, bikies (both motor and cycle), car clubs, tradies, retirees, and mothers (there’s plenty of room for prams and kids – they even have a cubby house).

Local author, Kellie M Davies had her recent book launch in the GB garden (Image @kelliemdavies)

Old school pastries, cakes, pies and other baked goods rule the day as Glenorie Bakery is a real celebration of the simple things in life. It is a perfect place to catch up and cool out (although I hear it is jammers on weekends). There’s always something going on at GB. They have Sunday session live music, coffee car meets, high teas, events and functions and I hear there is a book club in the planning.

Historical decor

Everywhere you look is quirky décor. They have old, giant mixing bowls as tables, vintage cash registers, a train set up near the ceiling that runs around the room, a chandelier made of whisks and an animated chef who pops out cuckoo clock style every hour to announce the pies. Why? I do not know. But then again, why the hell not?

The bakery is steeped in a history, described here by owner, Rob Pirina ...

Pies with heart

The Glenorie Bakery wasn't voted Sydney's No. 1 meat pie for nothing. Their signature meat pies are handmade locally using 100% NSW beef and cooked to perfection with their signature gravy mix. The beef they use is sourced directly from the farmer and processed by their in-house butchers.

And these pies are making it rain raising money for charity. It’s a regular thing for the bakery to champion a worthy cause.

This year they competed in the Pie of Origin, a competition that coincides with State of Origin. The bakers from New South Wales and Queensland bake for a cause. The aim of the competition is for each state to bake, sell pies and raise funds for charity. In 2018 Glenorie Bakery’s Pie of Origin raised $22K for Westmead Children’s Hospital.

If that wasn’t enough (and it would be in anyone else’s books) then they just up and designed the Invictus Pie.

This is the pie that raised $9,000 for the Invictus Games 2018 in … oh about 5 minutes. So quickly in fact that Rob Pirina decided to increase the goal to $20,000 and won’t stop making it until it’s achieved.

(Images: @glenoriebakery)

The pie was inspired by Prince Harry’s favourite pie (cottage) and his mother, Diana – England’s rose. Over hours and hours of testing and tasting to perfection, it became a pie with a depth of flavour like no other. Think Black Angus beef (NSW), caramalised onion, fresh mash potato, rosemary and thyme. Baked and hand piped every single day.

If that wasn’t enough, during the Invictus Games Sydney 2018, Rob was down at the Australian Invictus Games camp in Narrabeen feeding the competitors and earning himself the nickname “The Pie Man”.

You won’t regret heading up to Glenorie Bakery to support our wounded servicemen and women and tasting this little piece of heaven (probably the best pie I've ever eaten just quietly).

This is the one I had.

Invictus Pie
Get in my belly!


Sweet & Savoury: delicious treats handcrafted by their talented pastry chefs

using high quality local ingredients.

Cakes: for weddings, birthdays and any other special events.

Breakfast: every morning they offer a sumptuous breakfast menu (served daily from 7-11:30am)

Lunch: made with the freshest and finest local produce (served daily from 11:30am - 3pm).

By the way, if you still haven't got your fill of this place (you're only human after all), check out our Take 5 with ... post that we did with the very fabulous Lauren from Glenorie Bakery.

Glenorie Bakery

4/930 Old Northern Rd, Glenorie

tel: 9652 2624

Sat & Sun: 6am - 5pm

Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm

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