Frankly, dessert cuisine is getting out of hand

The rise of the dessert-only restaurants (and some Insta pics to get you in the mood).

A curious culinary trend appears to have emerged and it’s caught my attention.

Have you noticed it?

Everywhere you look are tella balls and cronuts, crazy-flavoured gelatos and gigantic donut-adorned milkshakes.

And we’re not talking treat items paired with a latte or an add-on to the end of the meal.

Hell no.

These things are the main attraction. We’re talking sweets-on-steroids, diabetic danger food as the only thing on the menu. Strap in, bib on and go for glory with ice cream dripping off your elbow and sugar-coating your nose. (But enough about my dining habits).

And word on the street is that these Willy Wonker inspired specialty restaurants are more successful than traditional cafes that merely have these concoctions on the menu, mainly because they are marketed as a premium quality experience.

To be honest, I blame Zumbo. When his showstopping croquembouche owned the night on Masterchef 2009, it was game over.

Straight to the pool room

People in droves abandoned their kale smoothies and activated almonds in favour of Fruit Loop Treats, fries dipped in soft-serve ice cream and Nutella-covered everything.

And who could blame them? I mean, cop a load of this eye candy.

(By the way, if you go co-co pops for this kind of gear, check out this episode of Chef’s Table. It will send you over the lolly-filled edge.)