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Frangos, Bella Vista

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

On international Hamburger Day, it is only fitting to focus on a hamburger joint. In fact, it would be rude not to …

With that in mind, where better to indulge than at the hamburger joint du jour. The one that all the cool kids are talking about (and when I say ‘cool kids’ I mean all of the teenagers in the vicinity). And why wouldn’t Frangos be popular among the younger folk? The most popular order - tantalisingly described as Combo #2 is rammed with value for money: Original Burger plus chips or rice plus a drink for $12.

Go to Frangos if you want burger cuisine with an emphasis on chicken. Portuguese chicken to get all specific. You can get it as a whole chook butterflied, marinated, roasted over hot coals, or as a breast fillet cooked on a hotplate to become the centrepiece of the aforementioned Original Portuguese Burger. You can also get salads and a few limited pork, beef and lamb options, but keep in mind, Frangos is all about the chicken.

(Image: Frangos)

The family behind the chicken that started a chain

The Fernandes family are the faces behind the chicken. Using recipes passed down through generations, blending spices from Angolan ancestors and charcoal techniques from Portugal, they first opened Frangos in Petersham in 1992. Since then – helped by reviews in the SMH good food guide (named one of Sydney’s 10 best burgers) – the business has expanded to locations in Bella Vista, Penrith and Canterbury.

If you go there, be prepared for it to be buzzing with people to the point that finding a spot to dine-in can be challenging. This is no mean feat for Bella Vista on a weekend in particular, considering this is the business part of town that tends to exude more of a ... shall we say ... sleepy, desolate vibe on weekends.

This is a great place to go to grab a bite for the tribe after a day of Saturday sport, or on a weeknight when you CBF cooking dinner, or when you just feel like a burger and fries.

How you rate it depends on your criteria for a kick arse burger. It’s fair to say the fries are a pile of chicken salted (or not), moreish goodness. The burger is fairly standard – probably not the best or worst you’ve ever tasted.

Sensational price point and as for quantity? Let’s just say if you stop by for lunch, you won’t be hungry for dinner anytime soon.

Frangos – Shop 5, 29-31 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW

Mon-Sat, 10.30am-9pm

Sunday, 11am-7.30pm

02 9672 6474

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