February 2019 Spotify Playlist

If you partake in music streaming via Spotify you will know that this app makes creating Playlists dead easy.

This is beyond fabulous for those of us that were mad for making mix tapes (hi, hello). (Except with Spotify, you don't have to wait for your song to come on the radio, press Play and Record at the same time and pray that the DJ - or your Mum - won't talk over half the tune).

Just like foodie faves, everyone has a different take on what constitutes a kick a** music compilation, but there is just something so sweet and romantic about someone making you a mix tape.

And, we are, if nothing else, here for caring and sharing and for diversity of taste.

So, from here on in, every month we bring to you the songs that have been lighting our fire and getting our party started.

Scroll through below and click for a small taste of each song, and Open in Spotify to listen to the lot.

Some are old bangers. Some are brand spankers.

Feel free to share and replay those you enjoy, and click on by those you do not.

*Some tracks may have a few swear words in them*