Restaurant review of Coffee Traders
Image: @coffeetrad3rs

Guest post by Netra Chetty

Well, if you had thought TRAD3RS was some clever password, you’d be wrong. (Unless of course it is your password and in which case, great plan. Sure to confound hackers).

Other than that, Trad3rs in Castle Hill is a nifty little hang for adults and kidlings alike; cake, coffee and room to move for a start.

I've been following them on Facebook and I noticed that they seem to have some great menu options, so I was keen to try them out.

Coffee Trad3rs is a gorgeous little cafe, tucked away in a bigger complex of stores, on ground level.

The interior is lovely; really pleasant and they have created a real outdoorsy feel with the addition of some florals and greenery and a large mirror on the back wall, which really opens up the space visually.

After surveying the menu, my friend and I settled on the Baked Eggs (with spicy chorizo, roasted red capsicum, baked in a tomato sauce, topped with a sprinkle of cheese and toasted kale and served with a side of crispy flatbread triangles for $21). We also got the Mixed Mushroom Madness (gourmet mushrooms with goats cheese on a slice of buttery toasted sourdough, laid across a band of beetroot puree for $18).

Images @ Netra Chetty

The baked eggs were moreish. When they first arrived on the scene, we decided them to be underdone, but after sending them back in for a second round of grilling presumably, all was right in the world. The chorizo added a nice hint of spiciness and I ended up dipping the leftover bread into the tomato sauce left in the pan to make sure I got it all!

The mushrooms were a highlight. I'm a big fan of mushrooms in general, but this was truly something next level. The sweet tartness of the beetroot, with the bite of the goat's cheese (not overdone) with the savoury mushrooms, was spot on.

Our attentive waitress mentioned they would be bringing out a new menu in the next week or so, but I sincerely hope that mushroom dish stays as I intend having it many more times!

On this occasion, we only stopped in for a coffee and to share a bite, but next time we’ll go back for something more substantial each. Very keen to try the Beef Brisket Burger, featuring 24hr slow braised beef brisket with homemade onion jam for $18.50, as well as the Turkish-Delight-Inspired Pancake for $16.50 which boasts rose, mixed berries, ice-cream and pistachio crumbs.

Also, just a note - we didn't immediately see any specific parking for the cafe, so we parked in the complex's visitor spot (time-limited). This may or may not be an issue during busy times.

Coffee Trad3rs – unit 1, 8 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill

9894 7876

Monday - Friday: 6am – 5pm

Saturday: 7.30am – 3.30pm

Sunday: closed

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