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Cod's Gift, Dural

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Cod's Gift seafood restaurant Dural
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A call out to the brains trust did not fail to deliver.

My first wedding anniversary was coming up and I needed to pull somewhere special out of the bag. Perplexingly, there seemed to be too many potential candidates to narrow down.

I also put the question to my husband (I suppose he should get some say …) and his call was he didn’t mind where we went but was in the mood for seafood. That settled it - Cod’s Gift it was!

Dural always seems so far away to me but it turned out that from our place in Bella Vista, an Uber only cost us $20 each way. For mine; totally worth it.

(Aside: am I the only one that automatically thinks of Sons and Daughters every time Dural is mentioned? Quite possibly, so let’s move on).

Where was I? ... Cod’s Gift

Cod’s Gift is a seafood restaurant brought to you by the crew that brought you Wolf & Co. With Wolf & Co as a reference point, you already know this isn’t going to be some run of the mill, half-a*sed attempt at hospitality.

Once you’ve arrived, it takes you about 2.7 seconds to realise that owner, Caroline Ryan Neil has figured out what people in the Hills District want. Cod’s Gift is a place where you can come as a couple, or a group of friends, or a family and spend a not insignificant amount for a cute and classy dining experience with epic food in a comfortably upscale environment. Am I getting warm?

Cod's Gift is open for lunch and dinner service seven days a week, showcasing sustainably caught seafood, cocktails and a bespoke wine list concentrating on natural and biodynamic wines.

Awash with blue walls and subdued lighting, Cod’s Gift has a definite under-the sea-vibe going and has been pegged by many around the traps as the perfect destination to dine in, to enjoy snacks and cocktails at the bar or, as of recently, a viable option for take away fish and chips.

Yes, you read that right. They do takeaway.

The official line is that ‘Cod's Gift has a separate take out section for people on the go who like fish & chips and playful takes on old seafood favourites’.

While I haven’t tried it myself, perusing the high end, exquisite Take Out menu, I’m just going to call a spade a silver spoon.

This is fish and chips but probably not as you know it, folks. Like if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were doing Friday night take-out. Imagine: Will’s under pressure from his Nan, Kate’s frickin’ had it with the kids and if she has to sit through William’s dry as hell, sorry attempt at roast chicken with a fake smile and forced encouragement one more time she’s going to scream. So, take out it is 😊

And while William and Kate are human too after all, don’t kid yourself that they’ll be grabbing fish and chips dowsed in vinegar and wrapped in newspaper from that hole in the wall next to Kensington Tube station. They’ll be opting for Cod’s Gift Take Out.

Take Out Fish and Chips Dural
Fish and chips fit for a king (to be)

The Food Mood

It will surprise no one that Cod’s Gift sources the best local produce from the best local suppliers. It’s absolutely the done thing around that part of town. They’re also committed to serving fresh, seasonal and ethically grown produce, presented in a playful and creative way.

And they are not kidding about the playful and creative.

To start the anniversary celebrations, we ordered oysters (as we are wont to do). We selected a combination of rock oysters. In the words of my husband, the ones with chardonnay mignonette

were the “best oysters ever".

We also couldn’t resist the Lobster Donuts because *what the?!* Seafood + donuts = two of the most heavenly sources of sustenance in the world and they’ve suddenly been merged together. Am I dreaming?!!

Lobster donuts Cod's Gift

For main course, we went fish because, we reasoned, if we’re coming to a seafood restaurant, that’s what we’re eating #logical

That said, there are other tasty morsels on the menu for any committed land lubbers out there – duck, wagyu and pork most notably.

Now for the mains

Salmon at Cod's Gift
Salmon at Cod's Gift

The salmon was described as thus: (Ora King NZ) celeriac puree, carrot, turnip, beetroot, olive dust, squid ink tuile.

Whatever all that means, my impression was the vegetables were exquisite (in fact, reminded me of the dedication to vegetable perfection at Barack Obama’s favourite restaurant, Blue Hill) and my taste buds identified spiciness and creaminess.

Snapper at Cod's Gift
Snapper at Cod's Gift

Amazing. Fantastic.

Just two of the adjectives you could apply to the snapper (well, my other half certainly did). Perhaps more helpfully described for food aficionados as: (Western Australia) carrot, celeriac & cumin puree, Cloudy Bay clam, celeriac fondant, heirloom carrot, asparagus, enoki floss.

After the mains, there was only one thing on our minds

Me: I’ve already picked what I want for dessert.

Him: Me too.

Us: The one with salted caramel!

(In my infinite enjoyment of the experience, I failed to take note of the name of this dessert but as soon as I find out, I will update this post!)

The verdict?

Always trust the brains trust.

Cod’s Gift

Shop 4-6/ 3 Ward Place, Dural

Tel: 9651 3336

Email: info@codsgift.com.au

Monday to Sunday - 11am to late

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