Cheddr, Bella Vista

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

(Image: Cheddr)

Oh babes …cocktails in The Hills. And no we’re not talking The Hollywood Hills or Surry Hills for that matter.

Doing it different, doing it well, doing it elegant AF; look no further than Cheddr in Bella Vista.

Cheddr is no bog-standard cocktail bar that you’d find at a five-star hotel offering Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitans and a bowl of probably urine-tinged peanuts. It’s inventive and you kind of get the impression that not one minute detail in this joint hasn’t been carefully planned and lovingly staged.

The décor is some candle-lit, rose gold gilded, vibe-creating perfection. It’s a small room, in an unlikely location, but have you noticed that that’s a bit expected with pioneering, ambience-driven, food and drink sensations? (About a hundred years ago – or 20 – when everyone was banging on about the Meat-Packing District in New York, I was shocked to discover that all these fabulous little eateries were in fact located in … a district where meat was butchered and packed. No one warned me).

Cheddr may be located in a working week business centre, but if you head there on a Saturday night (even a dark, bloody freezing one like I did) you will find it’s popped on some Yeezys and some lip gloss and emerged as an on-the-brink-of-happening, buzzing little food hub.

Drink it in

Just a little taste of what's on offer

It’s safe to say that these cocktails are like nothing you’ve ever had before. The guys at Cheddr know that Mojitos and Martinis have their place, but they serve a delicious twist of a cacophony of ingredients (gin lovers won’t be disappointed). Not to mention, their own special treatment of Negroni (if you’re not familiar, it’s a secret favourite of the hospitality profession's … and basically, get yourself an education, son).

If you’re not into cocktails, no matter. They also offer all manner of other beverages – including a fine selection of craft beers, which they keep in cans because it’s better for maintaining the quality. It’s true.

Um … what else?

The food is divoon and perfect for sharing - share plates and artisanal cheeses abound. Oh, and get this: while Cheddr is predominantly a night time affair, they do a Friday lunch special that includes a selection of lunch time chow and a beer, wine or soft drink for twenty bucks. If you’re in the vicinity or chucking a Friday sickie, why wouldn’t you spend lunch there?

If and when you go there be prepared to fall in love a little bit with the folks that work at Cheddr. They’re a group of hard working hospitable folks who obviously believe big time in this place. From what I could see, they make every patron who walks through the door feel looked after, and like they matter. Which, of course, we do.

Get yourself a designated driver. Get yourself an Uber. Get yourself to Cheddr. It’s a spritz of fresh air and lychee for the area.

Cheddr – E205/32 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista

Tues – Sun: 5:00 PM – Till Late

Friday Lunch: 12:00 PM – 2:30pm

(02) 9672 6870

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