Cheap Eats: Leaf Cafe

Whether you’re a uni student on a budget or would rather put those extra pennies towards a trip to Bali, you can still treat yourself to eating out in the Hills without breaking the bank (or your spirit).

At Leaf Cafes, they roast every week and time it just right, to guarantee that the coffee that is delivered to all Leaf Cafes is at the golden stage of the bean. The food is carefully created and developed under the watchful eye of their experienced chefs. (We heartily recommend both the Pumpkin Salad and the Rueben Sandwich!)

Leaf Cafe

  • Seven Hills Plaza - across from Woolworths

  • Shop 12, The Ponds Shopping Centre

  • Kiosk 8, Stanhope Village

  • Rouse Hill Town Centre

  • North Kellyville Square

  • Shop 11 Pennant Hills Market Place

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