Billy The Greek, Dural

Billy the Greek is hot hot hot

There are some people that just have a knack for sniffing out foodie gold. My in-laws are such eatery savants; they can always be counted on to take us to great restaurants. So, when my mother in-law suggested we go to Billy The Greek for a family dinner, I jumped at the chance.

Upon arrival my first thought was that the place is small (make sure you book ahead as it fills up fast). But, hold the phone because this quaint little restaurant knows how to bring the A game. The atmosphere is positively positive, thanks in no small part to the super friendly staff.

When you're there, if you’re really good and eat your Mediterranean greens, you might even get to meet Billy himself.

This is he

My husband and I decided to go the banquet and I can tell you, we were pretty pleased with ourselves for making such a great choice. #winning

The courses just kept coming and there wasn’t a morsel on those plates that we didn’t like. I’m sure that normally my husband enjoys sharing food with me because I usually don’t eat all of my share, but let’s just say he may have felt a tad ripped off this time as he definitely wasn’t getting any of mine. Especially the marinated lamb cutlets.

Now, I don’t think I’m alone here but as far as I am concerned, no meal is complete without a nice glass of wine (or two….). I am not a wine snob, so if it’s red or if it’s white, I am willing to give it a go. And Billy the Greek Sauvignon Blanc certainly didn’t disappoint (there just might have been more than two on this occasion …)

Billy the Greek
A small but perfectly formed space

I have since been back to Billy The Greek (again with the family) but the second time, there was no chance I was going to share my food. I had my sights set on the Lamb Shank Pasta and once again I was loving myself sick for my menu choice.

Interestingly, both times I dined at Billy The Greek I ran in to people I know. “Why haven’t they told me about this place earlier?!” I thought.

So, now you know. You are welcome.

- Sarah -

Shop 2, 506 Old Northern Road, Dural

Ph: +61 2 9651 3933

LUNCH: Thursday & Friday from 12 noon – 2.30pm.

SUNDAY LUNCH available for functions or group bookings

DINNER: Tuesday – Sunday from 5.30pm – 11pm.

Take away available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 5.30 – 7.00PM


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