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Did someone say girls-night-out, great food and wine? #Iamthere

As with most girls’ nights, coordinating a world leader summit would undoubtedly encounter less obstacles and diary clashes (we love making everyone happy). Getting out the protractor and Google Maps to ensure we are fair when it comes to distance travelled by all isn’t so much as an exaggeration as it is a tried and true decision-making strategy.

So, off I headed to Dural (really not that far from Baulkham Hills even though I was secretly complaining in my head).

I knew where I was going because it was where the old Black Stump restaurant stood for many years (if you’re thinking I’m showing my age … well, I am … and so are you 😉

I felt instantly relaxed walking into Barlame (pronounced Ba-la-me). As you can see from the photo below, this place has an amazing feel about it. It is huge - providing seating for up to 150 diners in various areas and rooms. It may have been a glorious girls’ night out, but there were also numerous families chowing down as well that night and even though we were relishing the escape from mumdom, no one was worried about kids interrupting the evening (if you know what I’m saying).

Now to the food. I’m not great with big menus (and this is a fairly big menu). I am a Libran and we don’t like to make decisions (amiright Librans?!), so I happily left it up to my other two girlfriends to make the choice – and they did well.

All I can tell you: don’t leave this place without trying the Crispy Pork Belly & Chili!

The best thing? We got to take our time. The dishes were not brought out at the same time and we were able to sit, talk and eat at our own pace (maybe we had that tired mum look and they felt sorry for us).

So ultimately, my friend gets to choose again because she did good and all I did was enjoy the food, the company and the experience.

The next day I tried to remember the name of the restaurant (no, it wasn’t the wine, people – I’m terrible with names of people, restaurants or wines despite my best intentions … thank god for Google).

So, it was a bonus when I eventually hit on the name of this restaurant. Turns out, there are two Barlame’s in the Hills District: Dural and Kellyville and I have been to both without even realising it.

That’s the thing about Thai restaurants; there are a lot of them out there but the ones that get it right, are really something else.

About Barlame
About Barlame

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243 New Line Road Dural

02 9651 4155


Thurs to Sun – 12 pm – 3 pm


Sun to Thur - 5.30 pm – 10 pm

Fri to Sat – 5.30 pm – 10.30 pm


Shop 1, 46 Withers Road Kellyville

02 8824 5322

Mon to Sun – 12 pm – 10 pm