Cod's Gift, Dural

A call out to the brains trust did not fail to deliver. My first wedding anniversary was coming up and I needed to pull somewhere special out of the bag. Perplexingly, there seemed to be too many potential candidates to narrow down. I also put the question to my husband (I suppose he should get some say …) and his call was he didn’t mind where we went but was in the mood for seafood. That settled it - Cod’s Gift it was! Dural always seems so far away to me but it turned out t

Spidar, Castle Hill

- guest post from Netra Chetty (all images by @netrachetty) Now, I'm not saying there's a sneaky a secret passageway into Spidar, but I've walked past its front door twice now without realising it. That's how tucked away on Old Northern Road in Castle Hill it is. Not to mention, really cosy and intimate inside. On one recent occasion when I made it through the hidden door, I was with my partner, as well as my cousin and his wife who were visiting from Perth. They like Asian f

Pizza on Lomond, Winston Hills

- by Sarah This is a local favourite of ours and have been going there for exactly 13 years. I know this because the original owner and his wife were expecting twins at the same time as I was expecting my first child so when we first started going to Pizza on Lomond, our conversations were always centred around how our lives were going to change – hers more than mine (twins!) Since then, this neighbourhood pizza joint has changed hands but the service and the food hasn’t cha

Money Bag Thai, Baulkham Hills

by Sarah It seems I only go to restaurants when I catch up with the girls! This time we headed to an oldie but a goodie. Money Bags has been in Baulkham Hills since 2008 but has recently moved from its original location to Seven Hills Road. I love a good Thai meal and Money Bag Thai did not disappoint. This was the first time I had been to the new location and while it is not as character filled as the old location, it is nice. The menu is just big enough to offer a great cho

Cheap Eats: Bavarian Bier Café

Whether you’re a uni student on a budget or are saving up for a Grand Designs-level renovation that will make Kevin McCloud go weak at the knees, there are still good times to be had eating out in the Hills without breaking the bank (or your spirit). Although we’ve posted about the Bavarian Bier Café in Castle Hill and it’s not consistently the cheapest place you’ve ever been (or, by the same token, the most expensive), they do have plenty of regular, cheap-eats specials. Not

The Local Shed, Rouse Hill

Picture this. It's a sunny winter's day and I’m in my car driving to a café I’ve never heard of on a street I never knew existed (I’m having a particularly good hair day if that helps). I’m diligently following Siri’s instructions because she rarely lets me down (except this week going to the Blacktown International Sports Park but that’s a story for another day). Anyways. So, I’m driving on this random, new estate type of street when Siri comes right out and announces, “arri

Hentley Farms Wine Dinner @ The Winston

So, Sarah and I dragged ourselves away from family life on Tuesday night to do a bit of “work research”. AKA any excuse to get out the house to drink, eat and gab. AKA we went to a Winston Hotel spesh sesh. The Winston Hotel does special little food and drink tasting events pretty regularly. This is the second wine dinner I’ve been to, and even on a cold Tuesday night, it’s worth tearing yourself away from the heater. For the uninitiated, The Winston wine nights are well-run

Bavarian Bier Café, Castle Hill

So, the hog has been given the heave ho and the Germans have moved into the piazza. That’s right, the Bavarian Bier Cafe has made its way to Castle Hill and it is flamin’ wunderbar! Located in the totally refurbed space that used to house the Hog’s Breath, the thing that stays with me about the Castle Hill Bavarian is the light. The place is filled with gorgeous natural light that plays to the strengths of the smart, sassy décor. In short, this is a great place to hang. I was

Billy The Greek, Dural

There are some people that just have a knack for sniffing out foodie gold. My in-laws are such eatery savants; they can always be counted on to take us to great restaurants. So, when my mother in-law suggested we go to Billy The Greek for a family dinner, I jumped at the chance. Upon arrival my first thought was that the place is small (make sure you book ahead as it fills up fast). But, hold the phone because this quaint little restaurant knows how to bring the A game. The a

Barlame, Dural

Did someone say girls-night-out, great food and wine? #Iamthere As with most girls’ nights, coordinating a world leader summit would undoubtedly encounter less obstacles and diary clashes (we love making everyone happy). Getting out the protractor and Google Maps to ensure we are fair when it comes to distance travelled by all isn’t so much as an exaggeration as it is a tried and true decision-making strategy. So, off I headed to Dural (really not that far from Baulkham Hills

Cheddr, Bella Vista

Oh babes …cocktails in The Hills. And no we’re not talking The Hollywood Hills or Surry Hills for that matter. Doing it different, doing it well, doing it elegant AF; look no further than Cheddr in Bella Vista. Cheddr is no bog-standard cocktail bar that you’d find at a five-star hotel offering Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitans and a bowl of probably urine-tinged peanuts. It’s inventive and you kind of get the impression that not one minute detail in this joint hasn’t been

Chinese food is Aussie as

Chinese cuisine has a bit of a PR problem. It was once the Britney Spears-esque darling of the dining-out domain in the suburbs of Australia. It was a shining star that was, until Thai, Indian, Mexican and many more food styles steeped in culture, swooped in like Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Cardi B. Those limelight-stealing vixens! A 2016 Roy Morgan poll reported that Chinese is still Australia’s most popular cuisine, with 70.4% rating it as their favourite. Now, not t

Hillz Pizza Bar

Interview with Daniel Murdocca. When you’re in Italy and you think pizza, you think paired back subtlety. When you’re in New York and you think pizza, you think a slice of “pizza pie” packed with an abundance of toppings that you fold in half, jam into your gob and eat in about 30 seconds as you head down Bleecker Street. When you’re in the Hills District and you think pizza, you think Murdocca. Daniel Murdocca. Not long ago, it was announced with some enthusiasm on another H

Crinitis, Castle Hill

This could well be titled A Tale of Two Crinitis. Actually, no I’m lying. We’re going to call this Two Tales of One Crinitis. #catchy You see, here at HDF HQ we’ve had a little argument… or should we call it a discussion? A tense tête-à-tête perhaps? OK, we punched on. Now we’ve got THAT sorted … Two wildly conflicting experiences at Crinitis in Castle Hill. One of us (let’s just call them the “Incorrect Person”) had a bit of a soggy time of it there. Lack lustre vibe, less t

Frangos, Bella Vista

On international Hamburger Day, it is only fitting to focus on a hamburger joint. In fact, it would be rude not to … With that in mind, where better to indulge than at the hamburger joint du jour. The one that all the cool kids are talking about (and when I say ‘cool kids’ I mean all of the teenagers in the vicinity). And why wouldn’t Frangos be popular among the younger folk? The most popular order - tantalisingly described as Combo #2 is rammed with value for money: Origina