Sirculo, Dural

- review by Natalie Within minutes of walking into Italian-eatery-meets-deli, Sirculo you’ll feel at home. Chef and co-owner, Josh Sama is a big, friendly presence who – on the day I was there - took the time to welcome each patron into his new establishment. His enthusiasm is contagious – and if I’m going to come into contact with anything contagious, enthusiasm would be my number one pick. After extreme wealth. The menu is filled with Italian and Mediterranean dishes that a

Glenorie Bakery, Glenorie

Is there a weak spot in the Glenorie Bakery offering? Let me save you some time; no there isn’t. I’d spent a stressed-out morning ahead of a jam-packed day, going Mach 2 with my hair on fire because we are reaching that feral part of the year when there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. (Am I right, mothers?) And then, I got to Glenorie Bakery and it all just …. went away. This place is an experience There’s a lot going on there; everywhere you look there is