Our Story

We're here to help you discover delicious food and drink hot spots in the Hills District of Sydney.



We're here because finding a new place that will serve you top-notch nosh is like opening a present on Christmas morning but spending oodles of Google time trying to find one is a bit of a drag. We don't want you to spend your precious free time searching for fantastic food experiences, we want you to spend your precious free time having those experiences! (And sharing them with us!)



Hills District Food is here for you when you’re looking for a family-friendly destination for Mother’s Day lunch OR to grab a beer and a pizza with a mate OR to pick a place to propose OR if you just want to grab a cuppa, a paper and some peace and quiet.



We know there is a time and a place for hard-hitting food reviews, but this is not that place. We're not here to tell you what to like, we are here to give you a taste for what's out there. We're here to celebrate the Hills community. We want to inform you, we want to make you laugh, we want to reward and surprise you. And, we want to hear from you .


Keep an eye on Sarah. She's likely to finish off your wine or eat a chip from your plate when you're not looking. Born and bred in the Hills District, what Sarah doesn't know about the area isn't worth knowing.


She started her career in the legal industry, before moving on to help grow a legal technology business from 16 people in Australia to become a worldwide company. She now leads a team in the software industry, disrupting the market of traditional home and small business security systems.


Sarah lives locally with her husband, two almost teenage girls, her dad and the family dog.  Her lack of culinary skills means that they eat out regularly, and so discovering great food destinations has long been her passion (and her family's saviour).


Nat's two favourite past-times are lip-synching to Air Supply songs and stealing Sarah's wine when she's not looking. She first began her discovery of all things Hills food when she moved to the area from the Inner West for the love of a good man in 2014.


Nat's a PR consultant and a writer - specialising in technology and business, lifestyle and entertainment, wine and parenting. Her writing has appeared all over the print media and interwebs, including Kidspot, Body & Soul, WHIM, Mamamia, Essential Kids and 9Honey. She's also the author of a gift book for new mums, but is best known at home - to her husband, son, daughter and two stepdaughters - as that person who inexplicably keeps leaving the fridge door open.